"Donnák és Madonnák"

"Donnák és Madonnák"

Molnár-C. Pál és Róma

"Ágyúk és virágok"

"Ágyúk és virágok"

Cziffra György zongoraművész emlékkiállítása

The Pál Molnár-C. Studio and Museum introduces itself

The permanent MCP exhibition displays a cross-section of the rich artistic legacy

A place where one can sense the smell of paint

The painter Pál Molnár-C. lived and worked in a villa located in Ménesi Street on the hillside of Gellért Hill for 50 years. After his death his younger daughter, Dr. Éva Csillag Pálné set up a family-owned private museum in 1984, where the works of art are on show in their birthplace, and the smell of paint is virtually sensible. The Pál Molnár-C. Studio and Museum has been the oldest family-owned private museum in the country since then.

Multifarious oeuvre

The Pál Molnár-C. Studio and Museum has been a museum collection of public utility since 2011. The painter’s revival comes about through the extraordinarily versatile oeuvre concerning its subjects, its style and its technical expedients, as well as through the artist’s personal articles and the family remembrance. The permanently changing MCP exhibition displays a cross-section of the rich artistic legacy, with an exhibition material varying in pursuance of different topics from time to time.

“Tavasz” (Spring) Hall

Since 2008 two museums have been operating at the same location. In the neighboring Spring Hall, which was transformed into a flat museum from the quondam home of Pál Molnár-C.’s elder daughter, Magda, at the same time perpetuating the name of its residents, we exhibit family-owned collections of great masters. The main idea of these exhibitions is to expose the artist’s human nature by handing out a brochure titled ‘The Artist’s Mirror’, whereby the visitor has the opportunity to encounter the creator’s human character and personality.

Kristy McManus‎

Kristy McManus‎

Just last month, I was able to take a group of American college students visiting Budapest to this wonderful museum. This was one of the main highlights of our week-long trip to this gorgeous city. I cannot thank the family enough for welcoming us into the museum and sharing this piece of family history with us. We will carry it in our hearts forever! What a treat!!!

Coming events

Come and visit our coming events

In 2 days 14 2018 dec

Kora esti séta a Bartók Béla úton

  • Gárdonyi tér
  • 16:00

Séta adventi hangulatban a Gárdonyi tértől a Molnár-C. Pál Műterem-Múzeumig ahol forralt bor, Molnár-C. Pál "Donnák és Madonnák" - MCP és Róma, valamint Cziffra György "Ágyúk és virágok" című kiállítása és karácsonyi vásár várja a séta résztvevőit. Találkozó december 14-én, pénteken 16.00 - kor a Gárdonyi szobornál, vége kb. 18.30-19.00 óra körül a Molnár-C. Pál Műterem-Múzeumban (Ménesi út 65) A séta ára: 1500 Ft Előzetes regisztrációt kérünk az info@mcpmuzeum.hu címre.

In 3 days 15 2018 dec

Ágyúk és virágok

  • Molnár-C. Pál Műterem-Múzeum
  • 11:00

A Cziffra György „minivilág” és a Senlis-i kápolna bemutatása. Találkozás Kürthy Hanna Cziffra György ösztöndíjas művésznővel Időpont: 2018. december 15. szombat 11.00 Belépő: 1000 Ft, kedvezményes ár: 500 Ft.

24 2018 dec


  • Budai Ciszterci Szent Imre templom, Villányi út 27.
  • 15:00

Karácsonyi misztériumjáték a Szent Imre templomban, Szentimreváros gyerekeinek előadásában. A darabot írta és rendezte: Csillag Éva. Időpont: 2018. december 24. 15.00